360 Defense 2.1 Released

Category : 360 Defense ยท by May 16th, 2011

Version 2.1 of 360 Defense was released on the Android Market today. The new version contains improvements to the game play and the overall fit and finish of the application.

Release Notes:

  • New enemy added, the hornet. This enemy will try and run away after being hit several times, but eventually it will home in on the player’s base.
  • Health bonus have been added. Each one restores one part of the base’s health.
  • Score bonus have been added. Each one is worth 1,000 points.
  • Enemy animation added to the game.
  • New high scores are noted in the main menu.
  • The order of the enemies as they are spawned is now randomly created for each new game.


  • When the home button was clicked and the app was started again a blank screen was displayed. Now the player will be prompted to start a new game.
  • Using the back button on some dialogs wouldn’t unpause the game. Now using the back button to close a dialog will correctly unpause the game.

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